Rhodesian Ridgeback (RR) – My story                  




I love dogs since I was kid. The first Rhodesian ridgeback that I saw was in a magazine and then I made my decision. The same day I talked to my husband about having a new member in our family, and we both agreed that this breed will be part of our life. Dog is not a toy. For us, dog is a full-featured member of a family. We looked at ads and found sale on Rhodesian ridgeback. We made a call and went for our first bitch Keisy. She was without pedigree, but we loved her. Unfortunately, she was poisoned after one and half year of having her and she died exactly on Christmas Eve. That has been the worst Christmas in my life. I was dealing with my sadness for 2 years. Later, after these two years, on my birthday, my husband asked me what I wish as a gift, but I am a woman, even I didn’t know what I wanted. I saw a magazine with Rhodesian Ridgeback on the gas station that day, I gasped because I recall a memory on my loving Keisy, and I knew I want to try a second shot with this breed. This time, we found more information about this breed and after some time, we decided to take our beautiful Freya from breeding station called Rihanna. We absolved a few competitions with Freya, but then she got hurt and we had to stop. Later In 2014, we decided to have another bitch Elis, which we took from breeding station Luanda owned by Milada Krchnavá. We are indescribable happy for Elis, and we would like to thank Milada for Elis this way. Elis makes us happy not just at home, but at the competitions as well, so we made this breeding station Kentani. Rhodesian Ridgeback is the most amazing breed for us and we are so glad we are part of it.